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Authorized Viasat™ Retailer

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Viasat satellite's Cutting-Edge TECHNOLOGYToday’s satellite internet gets exceptionally fast speeds — even in rural America! Viasat’s internet network works by connecting you to one of Viasat’s state-of-the-art high-capacity satellites in space and beams directly down to your home. You just need a small satellite dish mounted outside your home and a modem, which is professionally installed by one of our Viasat expert technicians. Once connected, a signal from your dish is beamed up to the Viasat satellite and then relayed back down to a ground station, connecting you quickly & efficiently to the internet at super fast speeds! Viasat’s innovate satellite network system is designed to provide you with the FASTEST speeds to do more on the internet than ever before!

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HOW Does Viasat Satellite Work?

Today’s satellite internet is much faster and more reliable than dial-up or DSL connections, and many Viasat internet subscribers are pleasantly surprised by the blazing fast speeds Viasat’s satellite internet service provides — even in rural America! Viasat’s satellite internet system works by linking you to one of Viasat’s high-capacity satellites in space. In order …

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Viasat Satellite DISH

All Viasat customers will receive a NEW state-of-the-art Viasat satellite Dish, which is about 30-inches in diameter by 28 inches — approximately the same size as a satellite TV dish. The Viasat Dish sends & receives transmissions, which allows the connection between your modem and Viasat’s satellite in space. Viasat’s newly redesigned dish includes a different …

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Go Wireless With the New Viasat WiFi Gateway MODEM

The new Viasat WiFi Gateway modem has a lot in common with its predecessor, but its innovative design gives it the power to keep pace with the latest ViaSat satellite. It combines a modem and built-in wireless router that powers your home WiFi network, and is designed to optimize our optional Viasat Voice home phone service.  …

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Viasat Internet SPEEDS

How Fast Is Viasat? Whether you use a Mac, PC or a mobile device, Viasat satellite internet allows you to receive high-speed internet service for all for your internet needs no matter where you live. NOW offering even FASTER internet speeds — up to 100 Mbps in select areas — with our NEW Unlimited Data …

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VIDEO Streaming Quality

Viasat’s internet plans differ based on download speed and video streaming quality, allowing you to select plans based upon the speeds and video quality desired. Depending on your internet needs, you can choose to stream from small screen quality optimized for 360p, DVD quality definition optimized for 480p, high definition (HD) optimized for 720p and …

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Viasat’s Growing FLEET of Satellites

Coming soon: the world’s first global internet service. At ViaSat, our satellites are much more than just instruments of communication. They’re platforms to connect the world. By the early 2020s we expect to become the world’s first global internet provider. Here’s a look at our existing and planned satellites: Anik F2 | Launch date: July …

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