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Random Access Memory (RAM) refers to the on-the-fly storage your computer or other devices use to run programs and store data as you are working on it. The more RAM you have, the more smoothly and quickly your device will operate, especially when you have more than a few programs open and running.


A readme file, often named “READ ME” to get the user’s attention, is a text file containing useful information about a software program. It often accompanies the program’s installer or is installed with the program. A typical readme file contains instructions on how to install the program, how to use the basic functions of the program and what the program does. It may also include a list of recent updates made to the program. Sometimes the readme file will include warnings and other important notices regarding the operation of the program. So when you see a readme file accompanying a new software program, it is best to do what the file says and read it!

Remote Access:

The ability to access your computer from a remote location. Programs like GoToMyPCLogMeInRemotePC & TeamViewer allow users to control remote computers from their local machine. In order for a remote access connection to take place, the local machine must have the remote client software installed and the remote machine must have the remote server software installed. A username and password is almost always required to authenticate the connecting remote user.

Remote access is more than just being able to connect to a remote machine, it is the ability to control the machine once the connection has been made. A remote access program can transform a local computer into the the remote computer connected to. This is especially useful tool for people who work from home and for server administrators who frequently need to update and make changes on their server machines. Most remote access programs also allow users to transfer files between the local and remote machines, which can save a lot of commuting time. While remote access can be helpful for many people, you should not enable it on your machine unless you absolutely need to to avoid additional security concerns.


This term describes how many pixels a monitor or TV screen can display. The number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a display screen. The higher the resolution, the more that can be displayed on the screen. The more pixels, the clearer the image. Pixelation is defined by the number of horizontal lines a video has from top to bottom. For example, a 360p video is made up of 360 lines stacked one on top of another, with each line being 480 pixels wide.In other words, a 360p has a video screen resolution of 480 × 360 pixels.

A small monitor may have a video screen resolution or 640 x 480, which means there are 640 pixels horizontally across the screen and 480 pixels vertically. Some other common monitor resolutions are 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1280 x 1024.

Visasat offers video screen resolution plans available in 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p pixelation. With 360p being standard size, 480p is considered DVD quality, 720p is HD video and 1060p is full HD.


A Registered Jack-11 is a telephone interface that uses a cable of twisted wire pairs and a modular jack with two, four or six contacts. RJ-11 is the most commonly used connector for plugging a phone into the wall and the handset into the phone.

The Viasat WiFi Gateway Modem includes a built-in RJ11 phone jack for Viasat Voice services. To learn more about the Viasat WiFi Modem click here.

Roof Mount:

Typically Viasat installers mount the Viasat satellite Dish on the roof or side of your house, which is considered standard installation. The roof mount installs the Viasat Dish to the roof of your home.


A hardware device that connects or routes multiple devices from a local area network (LAN) to the internet, typically via a wireless connection. Once you connect a modem to a wireless router, it creates a WiFi network where any computer or device within range (and password access) can access the signal to use the shared internet network connection. Most routers also keep log files about the local network activity.

The new Viasat Gateway Modem comes with a built-in wireless router that allows you to cut the cord, while reducing clutter with two devices combined into one slick new design. To learn more about the Viasat WiFi Modem click here.

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