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Authorized Viasat™ Retailer

Get Rural is an authorized retailer of Viasat Internet services and related customer equipment. Viasat and Exede are trademarks and service marks of Viasat, Inc. Some content on this website may be copyrighted by Viasat, Inc.

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Yahoo! is a web services provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and owned by Verizon Communications. Yahoo’s web search engine is one of the internet’s longest running popular search engines. Yahoo offers several other services as well including:

To learn more about Yahoo! services, visit the Yahoo! home page at


A free search service powered by a crowd-sourced review forum. Yelp publishes reviews about local businesses, as well as offering the ability to make online reservations through Yelp Reservations. Local Yelp reviews can be viewed on website or accessed through a mobile app.


A video sharing website owned by Google that allows users to watch other people’s videos and publish their own. YouTube allows both professional and amateur users to post videos, which can be viewed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. Videos uploaded to YouTube are available at and may also be posted on other websites. When a YouTube video finishes playing, the user is presented with a list of related recommended videos.

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