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Authorized Viasat™ Retailer

Authorized Viasat™ Retailer

Get Rural is an authorized retailer of Viasat Internet services and related customer equipment. Viasat and Exede are trademarks and service marks of Viasat, Inc. Some content on this website may be copyrighted by Viasat, Inc.

Authorized Viasat™ Retailer

Get Rural is an authorized retailer of Viasat Internet services and related customer equipment. Viasat and Exede are trademarks and service marks of Viasat, Inc. Some content on this website may be copyrighted by Viasat, Inc.

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Call Viasat Internet at 1-844-4GETNET (1-844-443-8638) NowYou’re just minutes away from getting started with Viasat internet, America’s best satellite internet service. This quick & easy online form will help us determine what services are available at your address and which plan will best fit your household internet needs. Once completed, one of our friendly Viasat Sales Professionals will contact you to confirm plans & pricing available in your area, schedule your installation date and collect your billing information.

IMPORTANT: Placing an order doesn’t lock you into anything. It just sets up an account, so that we can schedule a Viasat technician to visit your property to confirm that you are within one of our beams and check the line of sight. At that time you can either give the installer the go ahead to install your Viasat internet service or you may decline and the installer leaves and you pay nothing.

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Monthly Equipment Lease Fee — $10.00 /month
Lifetime Equipment Lease Fee — $299.99/prepaid
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2-Year Price Lock — FREE!
N0 Long-Term Contract Plan Option (and no Credit Check) — $300
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EasyCare — Only $8.99/mo. FREE for 90 days! Cancel anytime.
Phone — Only $29.99/mo. Bundle & SAVE! Get $10 off your voice service for 6 months!
DirecTV — Bundle & Save $10 per month off of your Viasat Internet bill for the first 12 months!
Viasat Gateway Modem — FREE Built-In WiFi


IMPORTANT: Please review all the information below before submitting your order.


Make sure you complete all required fields before submitting your order. Once you complete your order, our Viasat rep will contact you to set up your automatic payment method and schedule your installation. If using a Credit Card or Debit, you will be asked to provide the Card #, Expiration Date & Billing Address for the card. If using a Checking or Savings account, you will need to provide the Account # & Routing #. You will need $60 on your Credit Card (NOTE: $0 is needed if you are using a bank account) for the verification process. A 3-second hold (not charge) will be preformed to verify the card. A soft credit check will be performed using your date of birth.

Taxes apply. Service is not available in all areas and requires a clear view of the southern sky.  Offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time.  Speeds are “up to,” are not guaranteed and will vary.

We will send you a "helpful tips" email once your order is placed. You will receive your official order confirmation with your account number via email within 24 hours. You will need this account number to register your account once activated.


Minimum 24-month service term, unless you select the no long-term contract option. No long-term contract requires an upfront $300 nonrefundable payment. If you purchase the No Long-term Contract Option, you will have no Minimum Service Term commitment (as defined in the Customer Agreement), and you may cancel service at any time without a Termination Fee.

You will be billed for your first month of service on the day of installation in advance of the month. Our billing dates are every four days (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, etc.). You can change your billing date by calling Customer Service after your service is activated.

Credit Qualification

Offer requires credit qualification using Equifax. Date of birth only. No Social Security number required. Customers may decline the credit check and pay an upfront fee of $300 with the no long-term contract option. The no long-term contract payment is nonrefundable. 

If you plan to use a Credit Card for your monthly automatic payment method, we will perform a 2-3 second verification hold (not charge) of $60. This hold is released after 3 seconds back to your account (as part of the verification process). We do not perform a $60 verification hold when using a Checking or Savings account.


Equipment lease fee is $9.99/mo or $10.00/mo depending on equipment type, or $299.99 if prepaid for the life of the equipment. Equipment must be returned upon cancellation of service, otherwise an unreturned equipment fee will apply. We will provide all the equipment including your new Viasat satellite dish and modem. You may either plug your computer directly into the modem or use a WiFi router for wireless networking with multiple devices.


The performance of some games over the Internet is very poor and some games may not work at all.

Multiple Devices

In order to use multiple wireless devices with Viasat Internet, you will need a wireless router which is not included with all Viasat Internet service plans. Please review your Viasat Internet service plan details to check if your service plan includes a wireless router.

Professional Installation

One-time standard installation fee may be charged at the time of sale. Limited-time free standard installation offer available only to new qualifying Viasat Internet customers in select areas. Non-standard installations may result in additional charges. We can usually get you installed within 2-5 days from the date of your order. If the ground is frozen or hard to dig or you require a non-standard dish mount option, then you may incur an additional fee.

Two-Year Price-Lock Guarantee for Viasat Internet

The price lock guarantee applies only to the standard monthly internet service fee and the monthly equipment lease fee (in each case, before any promotional discounts) and excludes all taxes and surcharges. The price-lock guarantee runs for 24 consecutive months from the date of account activation, requires that the customer’s account remain in good standing, and may terminate with certain account changes.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks (VPNs) and other remote computer access software (such as those used to connect business servers to computers of people working from home) may be very slow with Viasat’s service. Some VPNs may not work at all.

Voice Service

Available only as an add-on service for customers on a service plan providing 12 Mbps or greater and in an eligible service area. Minimum 6-month service term. Additional charges for calls to destinations outside of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada and for directory assistance calls. Billing for Voice for existing Viasat or Exede Internet customers commences five days after the date Voice is ordered and for new Viasat Internet customers five days after the date internet service is installed, even if the customer does not activate the Voice equipment. Monthly service fee is $29.99 and is subject to taxes, E911 fees and other regulatory fees and surcharges. 911 service through Viasat’s Voice satellite technology may be limited in comparison to 911 service available through traditional landline telephone carriers. Voice may not work well with fax machines, security systems and other analog data services and devices.

Viasat Internet/Voice Bundle Promotion

New customers in participating sales channels who order Viasat Voice at the same time they order Viasat Internet will receive a savings of $10 per month on their Viasat Voice service for the first six full months of services provided they continue to receive both services. Existing Viasat or Exede Internet customers in participating sales channels who add Viasat Voice service will receive a savings of $10 per month on their Voice service for the first six months of Viasat Voice service provided they continue to receive both services.